Having a song created for you

You turn it on

And all the notes, music, lyrics are about your energy

It helps you to align to who you truly are

It brings you the energy that you would like to embody!

And everytime you play it, it not only makes your world greater.. 

Your Song

Would you like to have one?

The Joy Of Living

A song for saskia

Aan Staan

een liedje voor leonie

Too Much of a Woman

A song for all

The Land of Possibility

a song for anuradda

how does it work?


You request Your Song through the button below, which will show you a form. 


In that form you let us know the energy you would like to have as a song.

One word, like 'richness', 'enthusiasm', 'trust', 'celebration'.

Or a few lines, describing it.

Or no words, and we go into it all blanc, tapping into the energy.


You add a picture of the person you request a song for.

Is it you? Or are you going to give the song as a unique present?


You finalize the request with your €250 payment. An invoice will be send. We'll then email you the recordingdate.

On that date we will tap into the energy of you and the song, turn on the recording, and start singing/playing!

What you get, is the song as it comes in the moment. No rehearsal. No plan. No prewritten lyrics or chords. The whole song, intuively gets to created in the moment, magical as it is. How exciting is that?!

What do you get?

  • A live recorded video of your song
  • A live recorded mp3 of your song
  • A pdf with your song lyrics

music that contributes to happiness

What if your song would create the world you would like to live in?

Jorgen & Birkit met about a decade ago.  They found each other during a jam, played at a wedding once. But it was only 3 years ago  that they really started creating together. 

Birkit was looking for someone to improvise songs with, to give theatreconcerts where everything gets created from scratch, and when she tapped into who would be a great contribution there,  Jorgen was the first person that popped.

Before, Birkit thought she wasn't able to create songs. Every attempt brought her straight into her head. A, B, C, it has to rhyme, etc. 

She did have the longing to create her own music, 'cause she had Universes she wanted to sing about and was also aware of a greater possibility with music: for it to contribute to a happier world, making people aware, and most existing music did not do that.

At one point, on the way to the studio for another attempt to songwrite, she got into an argument on the phone.

She asked the songwriting teacher: "Can you please just play something? Before we start writing? I'll just sing something, get it out of my system."

3 minutes later a song was born, and that was the beginning of a whole new possibility!

Jorgen & Birkit have great fun together. While they can both can be controlfreaks off stage, on it they let go, the Universes sings through, and they are in awe and gratitude, excitement and joy by what shows up, time and time again.

Others about their song

"Having a song for me, what a wonderful adventure!

The music, the cadence, the energies, the words, each little nuance if so much more than just a song come together... It's Universes. It brings so many smiles and lightness to my world every time I listen and watch the beautiful video. Thank you so much! "


"Jorgen & Birkit totally nailed it!

In roughly 3.5 minutes  cried, I smiled, I expanded and I laughed out loud. There was so much receiving and wow am I grateful! "


time to have Yours?

Hillegom, The Netherlands

Bi  in the moment