Welcome to a life that you have created by being in the moment for a month long.

How much for fun is there available?

What people are you surrounded with?

How much more space is there for magic to show up?

How much more out of control are you, willing to be in the space where creation takes place?

What possibilities do you have available, that you couldn't perceive before you made this choice?

Can you Know?

In a closed fb-group we:

  • Have fb-lives
  • Spontaneous impromptu waves of words put into a song
  • Questions, things that are up in your world when it comes to daily life and living
  • Fun 'go out and play with this 'exercises
  • Receiving the gift that following the energy is for you through energetic downloads
  • And all else that arises in the moment

Be prepared for:


With what you have never explored before


Where nothing must and everything gets to be

New energies

And adventure. An expansion of your life and it's possibility

And YOU know, what's next?!


Here's what others say about it:

What life could you create, if you would not try to figure out anymore, but would explore the lightness of your being into more receiving?

Wanna play? For €124

we play together for a 

month long.

And who Am i?

Dit is Birkit

Great question! :D

Birkit, 37 years old, crazy being, in the moment creator, song improviser, lover of bodies, Access Consiousness facilitator, and especially a lover of being in the moment!

I used to see that as something normal. Thought everybody had ease and fun with it. Untill I discovered that isn't true! And now I love to inspire you!

Would you like to dive into the playground of being in the moment with us?

See what adventures you

can make?

Find what treasures are

there for the take?

Explore - more - of you?

Add dooooooosis of fun to

your daily living?

Play! For the fun of it!

As you create your life?

What would that bring you?


Into what you know!